Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Chemo MONDAY

Hello All
I just wanted to share with you that tomorrow will be my last chemo. I am trip negative with a modified radical left mastectomy after having a lumpectomy back in March 2009. I can not believe the journey this has been. I was treated with A/C x4 and Taxol x12. The AC was horrible, it made me very sick and after treatment #3 I had to be put in the hospital for rehydration. I have done well with the Taxol. I think by treatment #8 I started with some numbness in my fingers. But now I have numbess in my fingers and toes and my hands are swollen along with my feet up to my knees. I did loose my hair and currently have toddler hair. LOL. I am so glad to have this chapter of my life coming to an end. Good Luck to all of you that are currently going through this, it is possible to see the light and come out on top!! Keep ur head up :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Getting close

Well I had my 10th Taxol treatment on Monday, and all went well. I have 2 treatments left and I can't wait to have my Mondays back!!!! I'm sure my parents will be ready too, so they can head South for the winter. We have a big Chicago trip coming up on Saturday that my friend has planned with some of her great co workers at OSU. I am really excited about going, since I have never seen Chicago. It will be a long trip, but enough excitement to keep us all going. Just like the great support from family, friends, co workers and many other people who have kept me going and in good spirits during this long 7 month process. It has been a major life style change.