Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday 13th March

Today at 10:15 Dr Osborne called to tell me that the biopsy was IDC grade 3. I immedietely started searching the internet. Finding out that grade 3 was an aggresive growing cell. I HAVE CANCER. WHAT? Nobody in my family has breast cancer, WHY ME? Hows come, I have to be the choosen one? I am young, 37 years old. I have 3 children...Logan 11, McKenzie 8 turning 9 in 4 days and Alivia Jane just turned 7. My husband and I have been married 11 years and have shared alot of great times together. Camping with the kids, Disney World twice, amusement parks, waterparks etc. How can all of this possibly come to an end? Will I see 40?

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