Monday, January 4, 2010

Liver Cancer diagnosis

Well today was a total shock of a life time. I was told that I do have liver cancer. I just sit here and cry and wonder again WHY????????????????????????????????????????? This is just a total nightmare. I just can not grasp that all of this is happening to me. And why does my family have to suffer and watch me go through all of this. I guess the dream of Mike and I having a huge diesel pusher and traveling across the US will never happen. I do hope I live long enough to see all 3 of my children graduate college. But after looking over the internet it seems that prognosis is 6 months to 18 months. I guess a great milestone for me would be 40. Most people dread turning 40....but in my case I see it as inspiration.


  1. I've struggled to come up with what I want to say since first seeing this post of yours. Even though I'm a trip neg breast cancer patient/survivor myself, I still don't know the "right" thing to say so I'll just say what comes to mind every time I think about you - which is quite often, actually.

    Here is my unsolicited advice, for what it's worth.

    Trust God. Give it to Him. Call upon him and His son, Jesus, EVERY DAY, to help you. He will answer your call. I promise.

    There is hope. You must know this and drill it into your mind. You can and will beat this. I believe that you can but you must believe it.

    Get the following 2 books and read them ASAP:
    1- Love, Medicine & Miracles by Bernie Siegel - go to his site at to read about him and his other publications which are totally and completely inspiring and helpful.

    2- Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PhD. It has critical information about lifestyle changes you should consider making ASAP. I'm following it now after hearing him speak and getting this book. Many of the recommendations he makes were made by my holistic doc at UCLA and they helped me get through chemo super well and I trust and believe it will help me cut off cancer's fuel supply going forward so please look into this asap for yourself.

    Don't isolate yourself. Reach out for help from everyone you know and those you don't yet know. Seek support, let out your feelings, heal old wounds. The mind-body connection is paramount. Get to a support group if you're not in one yet. Go to your church (or start going if you don't) and ask the pastor/minister and/or elders for private prayer sessions. Get audiobooks or books with daily meditation guidance and do it every day - positive affirmations for healing and wellness. Studies show this DOES help.

    There are LOTS of people living with cancer, LOTS of stage 4 survivors. Lance Armstrong is one among the many. You can and will be one of them if you believe you will be. The key is to believe and live in a way that demonstrates that belief. I believe that.

    Also, I know a woman in my town that has been living with stage 4 breast cancer for over 7 years. She started a nonprofit foundation to help women without health insurance get treatment paid for and it's called Circle of Hope. Her name is Colleen. Call her. She's awesome and talked to me when I was first dx'd. website is, phone is (661) 254-5218, her email is:

    Email me through my blog profile if you want to talk - either live or by email - I would be happy to tell you what I've learned if there's a chance it could help you.

    Hang in there. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I was also diagnosed with breast cancer last year and am having another lumpectomy on the same breast next month. They are not going to do a biopsy until after the surgery so I will have to wait until then to find out if the cancer has returned. I too, am 38 years old.
    My heart goes out to you and your family. Please keep in mind that technology is so advanced these days. Do NOT give up! My brother-in-law was diagnosed with rectal cancer and then liver cancer nine years ago. He is doing well today and he and my sister have been enjoying several vacations every year. So don't give up the hope or faith that you will be cruising the country in your huge motorhome one of these days. I look forward to seeing the pictures posted on your blog!

  3. This is Shelley's cousin Tracy. Just wanted to let you know that Shelley went to be with Jesus on June 6, 2010. Thank you all for your words of encouragement. I know that she told me it was always a ray of hope to talk to other people who had been diagnosed. I pray that you all are doing well. God Bless you.